Engineered Process Equipment

Clients come to Wave for single source convenience. Our multidisciplinary approach to design and engineering allows us to create plug and play systems and solutions that can streamline any chemical handling and monitoring scenario.

Our engineered process equipment may integrate mechanical, process, instrumentation, and controls. Shelters are available with HVAC and can be designed for general or hazardous areas. Containment, tank and tote requirements are fully customizable.

Time not on your side? No problem. One of our greatest strengths is our unique combination of speed and accuracy. We have experience in expediting, fabricating, and shipping systems that meet specification in as little as 24 hours.


  • In-house engineering, fabrication, and technical support team
  • Multi-disciplinary integrated systems
  • Includes an integrated viscometer
  • Custom engineered to meet a major oil producer’s site specifications
  • Expedited custom engineered package created for a major global oil producer
  • A specialized analyzer (Gas Chromatograph) sample conditioning and process control package was custom engineered, assembled, and tested in house
  • Designed and fabricated in cooperation with our client
  • Utilizes a variety of process control and automation including but not limited to: heating, cooling, vacuum, flow, and pressure automation and control
  • Prepares volatile GC fluid samples as per specification
  • Large variety of portable containment modules for chemical metering and control utilizing our UCS system
  • Quality Assurance/Control, documentation, and HS&E to meet new construction requirements
  • Lube oil and cooling water packages
  • Engineering and technical support for mechanical, chemical/process control, electrical, instrumentation, and software
  • ABSA, APEGA, APEGBC, NAPEG, CWB, Avetta, ISNET certified
  • Energy, petrochemical, industrial/manufacturing, and municipal market applications
  • Portable heated chemical storage and injection
  • After sales technical field support
  • Design criteria and options may include: tank, containment, HVAC , E/I, automation, B-Pressure piping and vessels, extreme temperature, etc.
  • Wave has provided numerous configurations to the majority of Alberta’s oil sand producers
  • Variety of fluid heating, cooling, conveying, blending, batching, and mixing systems
  • Sampling stations and Analyzer conditioning systems
  • Gas blanketing systems
  • Purged hazardous environment enclosures
  • Hazardous and aggressive fluid handling and control systems