Our Support

After installation of our product, Wave is always ready to provide technical support and service to meet the needs of our clients. Wave provides service to mining and SAGD sites, upgraders, refineries, pipelines, power generation facilities, water treatment plants, food/beverage facilities, and a host of other industrial applications.


Service, Trades, and Tech Support:

  • Electrical and instrumentation, welding, and millwright services
  • Quality Assurance/Control programs, HS&E, and site specific work training for majority of Alberta oil sands sites and many other energy, industrial and petrochemical sites. Wave is PICS, ISNET, ABSA, and CWB approved
  • Equipment installation, commissioning, repair, testing, operator training, documentation services for metering pumps, controls, instruments, analyzers, etc.
  • Design, assembly, and tech support (shop or field) of PLC/HMI/VFD/control panels, instrumentation, analyzers, mixing/batching, process, and control systems
  • Alloy and carbon steel structural and pipe welding with CWB and ABSA certification for B31.3 piping and fittings; plastic welding and fabrication (PFA, PVC, HDPE, etc.)

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