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_DSC8434-350x350We provide engineering and fabrication for off the shelf and custom engineered fluid handling, chemical injection, metering, monitoring, mixing, and automation systems.

We will meet you at your “point of pain” and consistently deliver solutions to your problems.

We provide equipment and field support to 95% of Alberta’s producing oil sand sites. We also supply equipment and technical support for energy, petrochemical, mining, industrial and water/wastewater treatment facilities around the globe.
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Wave Control Systems Ltd. is your trusted partner in fluid handling and control.




Our competitive advantage

We enjoy technical complexity and provide quick turnaround on custom engineering and fabrication. We make every effort into finding the right solution to meet your needs – and we do this in the fastest way possible without compromising quality.

We pay close attention to the details to provide you with the best solution to meet your requirements. This ultimately translates into a more efficient project with some of the most complete documentation in the industry.
Wave can also provide field services for installation, commissioning and operations for the life of the product.


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History of the company

Wave Control Systems Ltd. was established in 2004 and started out on the tailgate of Trevor Brown’s half-ton truck. Now serving Canada’s largest oil sands and heavy oil producers, Wave is a business success story that begs to be told. Wave has delivered hundreds of chemical injection packages to the oil sands and other industries since inception.

Key benefits

Wave has expertise in mechanical, process, electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering. We can fabricate, assemble and tests the packages in house. The same highly skilled individuals that assist with the design and fabrication are also available to provide technical support not only during the project but for the life of your equipment.

We not only strive to ensure that all the work is done to as close as your technical requirements as possible within your timeline and budget but we also have a commitment to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase after start-up.
Wave provides service and equipment to SAGD, mines, conventional production sites, pipelines, upgraders, refineries, power generation facilities, water treatment plants, food/beverage facilities, and a host of other industrial applications.


Meet the owner

_DSC8068-350x233Trevor Brown is an Edmonton-based entrepreneur who has grown his business from a modest start in 2004 with a staff of one to today’s business success story.

“I could never imagine the company being more than me and a couple of guys,” admits Trevor.

Leading a variety of staff and contractors working in more than 11 thousand square feet of operations located in south Edmonton’s industrial sector, Trevor is a well-respected leader in fluid handling and control and has been involved in technical sales, design, manufacturing, and servicing of fluid control systems for over 25 years.


“Wave has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past five years,” says Trevor. “What sets us apart is our care for our customers, as well as our pursuits in innovation. Looking forward, we are building our strength in technology innovation to better position ourselves in the market, and to provide even better and more efficient solutions to our clients.”

Meet the engineering team lead: Mauricio Botero

_DSC7969-350x233With 13 years’ experience in mechanical engineering, formerly working with gold, plastics and synthetics, Maurico explains, “I like the fluid handling side at Wave.”

Mauricio manages a team of engineers who have unmatched “knowledge of fluid monitoring and control.”

Intrigued by the science behind the process of fluid metering and monitoring, Mauricio asks, “What can we play with….what can we alternate to make the flow efficient?”

“You’d think a valve is a valve, a pump is a pump. But I like the surprise behind each little piece of equipment.”

Pleased by the absence of bureaucracy at Wave, Maurico gets better results from his team. “You can’t be creative in larger firms. It breaks the momentum going up the ladder to get every decision okayed.” The flat organizational structure at Wave allows Mauricio and his engineering team to be nimble and mobile.

“In prior workplaces, I’d have to wait months to make an appointment with the boss but at Wave I just drop by Trevor’s office.
It’s so different, so good to make faster decisions.”

Faster, nimble, mobile. No wonder Mauricio uses a car analogy to describe this work.

“We are the BMW in the field. We provide higher quality fluid handling with extra engineering, more documentation and a shorter turnaround.”

Meet the commercialization team lead: Andrew Eisenhawer

IMG_8239-350x233Andrew brings almost 20 years of experience in the Alberta oil sands industry in the areas of technical sales, marketing, and commercialization. With the desire to bring his expertise to a local company, Andrew believes in the imminent growth potential of Wave, both in Canada and internationally.

“I’m impressed by Wave’s focus on innovation and excited to be involved with a company that is on the cutting edge of global expansion with products that bring concrete benefits to clients looking for automated fluid handling solutions.”

As a long-time technical marketing executive with a well-known multi-national energy company, Andrew understands the steps involved in matching technology to market requirements. He is also able to contrast the differences of working in a large company compared to the more intimate and dynamic workplace at Wave, and appreciates the benefits of a more horizontal organizational structure. “It is fantastic to be able to have the engineers in the same room as the R&D and fabrication teams. There is immediate communication and exchange of ideas, and everyone understands each other.”

“Wave’s modest size makes R&D–Engineering–Fabrication iterations very quick and efficient, which is an important factor in the successful commercialization of our products.”


The team at Wave

Wave’s team includes design, engineering, R&D, sales, operations, fabrication, welding, manufacturing, service and quality control. All members of Wave’s team are committed to the same goal: meeting or exceeding the needs of our clients by providing custom solutions to their specific problems. At Wave, our team members work together to support each other in getting the job done. This results in an interactive, dynamic, and creative work environment where every member plays a proud role in the work we do. Clients can rest assured that quality assurance, scheduling, and project management are all in good hands.