Injection and Sampling Quills, Custom Pressure Fittings and Small Vessels with CRN

When it comes to  injection and sampling quills, pressure fittings, piping, and other small vessels, our clients can expect the most efficient path to final product while satisfying all scope and quality requirements. Wave has experience in working with and supplying a variety of materials and specifications including:

  • Carbon steel – regular and low temperature
  • Stainless steel – all grades
  • Dissimilar metals – Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel
  • Alloys such as hastelloy, titanium, and tantalum
  • A variety of plastic quills and components including PVC, PFA/PTFE, HDPE, and more
  • Retractable and fixed quills
  • Injection and sampling quills
  • Retractable and fixed injection quills, available with CRN
  • Flanged static mixers, available with CRN
  • Dilution tee for aggressive chemicals
Injection and Sampling Quills
  • Registered fittings, specialty control valves (high viscous, chemical resistance, etc.)
  • Piping designs, specialty small vessels, distillation columns

Wave Control specializes in the design, engineering, and delivery of process control, handling and automation equipment for the petrochemical, oil & gas, oilfield, chemical industries. Our clients around the world trust our team to deliver the latest technology in our custom engineered or stock solutions for their demanding and process-critical applications. Look to our team for information or a quote on your next project. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs, premium quality manufacturing, and timely delivery.

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