Parts and Rentals

Wave Control offers equipment rentals for chemical injection trials and various fluid process applications. All rental equipment is available with short or long term rental agreements, allowing clients to lower operating costs or try before buying.

Contact Wave to find out if a rental package is right for you.

  • Portable containment basins for single or stacked totes allows the injection of a variety of trial chemicals at multiple injection points around the facility
  • Single level or double level tote stands for use with two non-stacking totes or tanks or with a replaceable top tote and permanent base tank
  • Wave Control supplies totes, tanks, and interconnecting accessories such as hoses, fittings, columns/gauges, level monitors etc. in a variety of materials and sizes to best meet your budget and compatibility requirements
  • Stands can be provided with or without containment or drip trays and can be permanent or removable as required to best suit the needs of your operation
Black Stand
Oil Pad
  • We also provide complete pump packages or modules along with field installation and maintenance
  • Available with or without 110% containment
  • Available with automatic tote transfer (top and bottom or out to day tanks), remote level, temperature, and flow monitoring
Tote Shelter