Areas of Expertise

Wave Control Systems is best known for our custom-engineered chemical injection and metering systems, but we also excel in the following areas:

We offer engineering, assembly, and shop or field support for:

  • PLC/HMI/VFD/control panels, instrumentation, analyzers, mixing/batching, process, and control systems.
  • Alloy and carbon steel structural and pipe welding with CWB and ABSA certification for B31.3 piping and fittings.
  • Plastic welding and fabrication (PFA, PVC, HDPE, etc.).
  • Instrumentation Packaging
  • Flow/Temperature/Pressure/PH Analyzers and Controllers
  • Gas Chromatograph Packages
  • Lube Oil and Cooling
  • Injection Quills
  • Sample Stations
  • Automated Samplers
  • Process Heating and Heat Transfer Packages
  • Analyzer Integration, Automation, Control Packages
  • Ammonia Metering and Control Packages