Process Controls and Automation


When it comes to process controls and automation, our multidisciplinary engineering and design team thrives on technical complexity. Talk to us about how we can incorporate the following elements into your next project:

  • Customized process controls and automation
  • Analyzer integration
  • Automation and control packages
  • Sampling and conditioning systems
  • E/I, PLC, VFD/inverter, motor/motion control, wireless communication
  • Material handling, industrial, and manufacturing motion, vision, network and related automation, control, and communication

Some of our applications for general or hazardous areas…


  • Expedited custom engineered package created for a major global oil producer
  • Specialized analyzer (Gas Chromatograph) sample conditioning and process control package custom engineered, assembled, and tested in house
  • Designed and fabricated in collaboration with our client
  • Utilizes specially designed process control and automation functionality including but not limited to: heating, cooling, vacuuming, flow, and pressure
  • Prepares volatile fluid samples as per specification
Process Control, Automation | Custom Process Controls | Engineering. Design. Integration |
Process Controls | Free issue, general area analyzer integrated into a purged enclosure
  • Free issued, general area analyzer integrated into a purged enclosure
  • Certified for Class 1 Div 2
  • Includes conditioning and measurement equipment
  • Engineered for reliability based on specific site process conditions
  • Panels and shelters for general and hazardous areas
  • Gas purge and blanketing systems
  • Precise measurement and control for flow, level, temperature, pressure, and other variables
  • Customized process control equipment ranging in size from small wall mounted stands to larger Enclosed Package Equipment
Customized Process Controls | Panels and shelters for general and hazardous areas
  • Boiler and process sampling panels and sample conditioning


  • PLC’s and HMI’s are selected based on project requirements
  • Custom programmed to satisfy client’s exact requirements
  • HMI programmed for easy operator interface and quick intuitive operation
  • Variety of communication protocols to transmit data back to client’s DCS
  • Can be used for batching, process control, recipe control, skid automation, pump control, and many other functions



  • Customized Automation and Control Panels for general or hazardous areas
  • Panels can be stand-alone or integrated into packaged equipment
  • A variety of PLC brands available, depending on client’s requirements and budget
  • Parts and enclosures are selected for a variety of hazardous locations: Type 4 or 4X enclosures, Explosion Proof enclosures
  • Capable of interfacing with nearly any combinations of signals: analog, discrete, TC, RTD, serial, Ethernet, etc.
  • Can be adapted for interfacing with pneumatic signals
  • Includes complete wiring diagrams and drawings
  • VFD enclosures for general or hazardous areas