Customized IIoT

Customized IIoT by Wave Control Systems

Wave Control Systems’ IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology can be adapted for hundreds of different applications requiring secure, cloud-based transfer or storage of data. Our customized solutions are ideal for products where remote monitoring and control is required. Our scalable IIoT technology can be beneficial for clients who are looking to conduct a trial, pilot or roll out a new technology but with much lower costs and quicker timelines than can be achieved through developing the infrastructure from scratch.

Single Source Solutions available with Wave Control’s Customized IIoT:

  • Hardware that can be configured or adapted to work within a client’s exiting product
  • Integration into products or systems requiring remote monitoring and/or control applications to add remote cellular and cloud/IIoT function
  • Design and fabrication of custom systems or control applications requiring remote monitoring, cellular and cloud/IIoT function
  • A secure and robust web platform (ISO/FDA conforming for patient medical information)
  • Devices, controllers, Inputs/Outputs (I/O) that are engineered to work with the client’s specific requirements
  • Rapid IIoT integration resulting in cost effective trials or pilot programs
  • Connection of analyzers, sensors, meters, pumps and various other devices that require local control and integration
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Wave Control Systems can engineer full packages (mechanical, process, electrical/instrumentation) as well as assist with the installation, operation and servicing of equipment around Western Canada.