Installation and Field Service

Wave can assist with all aspects of after-the-sale support. We are always ready to provide technical support and service to meet the needs of our clients.

Service, Trades, and Tech Support:

  • Electrical and instrumentation, welding, and millwright services
  • Quality Assurance/Control programs, HS&E, and site specific work training for majority of Alberta oil sands sites and many other energy, industrial and petrochemical sites. Wave is Avetta (formerly PICS), ISNET, ABSA, and CWB approved
  • Equipment installation, commissioning, repair, testing and operator training
  • Documentation services for metering pumps, controls, instruments, and analyzers
  • Design, assembly, and tech support (shop or field) of PLC/HMI/VFD/control panels, instrumentation, analyzers, mixing/batching, process, and control systems
  • Alloy and carbon steel structural and pipe welding with CWB and ABSA certification for B31.3 piping and fittings; plastic welding and fabrication (PFA, PVC, HDPE, etc.)

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