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Why Wave?

Wave Control Systems offers its clients:

  • Multi-disciplinary solutions in mechanical, process, electrical, instrumentation, and automation engineering
  • Years’ of experience in creating fluid handling solutions for various industries
  • A Certified Quality Management System
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Complete Documentation Packages
  • Single Source Convenience

Automation Engineering – Fluid and material handling – process control – automation. We enjoy technical complexity.

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Wave Control holds a Certificate of Authorization issued by ABSA



Engineering and DesignWave Control Engineering and Process Control Automation Material Handling Fluid Handling Petrochemical Oilsands Oil and Gas industrial chemical

Our in-house engineering, fabrication, design, and technical support team can expedite multi-disciplined integrated systems and provide the necessary after sales support.

Wave offers:

  • Engineering and technical support for mechanical, chemical/process control, electrical, instrumentation, electronics, programming/software, and drafting (2D and 3D)
  • Engineering, fabrication, assembly, and testing of mechanical, process, electrical, instrumentation, electronics, and automation products for general and hazardous areas
  • Automation engineering solutions
  • Wave’s engineering staff is licensed to practice engineering in Alberta, British Columbia, and the North West Territories (APEGA, APEGBC, NAPEG)
  • Documentation, Quality Assurance/Control, and HS&E to meet new construction requirements
  • Wave strictly observes workplace safety protocols and Workers’ Compensation Board guidelines
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Engineer on staff registered with APEGBC

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Installation, Field Service, and Technical Support

installation field service wave control engineering automation process control material and fluid mixing and handling petrochemical oilfield industrial solutionsWave can assist with all aspects of after-the-sale support as well as installations, servicing, and repairs. We are always ready to provide technical support and service to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Electrical and instrumentation, welding, and millwright services available in-house and in-field
  • Quality Assurance/Control programs, HS&E, and site specific work training for majority of Alberta oil sands sites and many other energy, industrial and petrochemical sites
    • Wave is Avetta (formerly PICS), ISNET, and CWB approved. Wave holds a Certificate of Authorization issued by ABSA
  • Equipment installation, commissioning, start up assistance, repair, testing, and operator training
  • Documentation services for metering pumps, controls, instruments, and analyzers
  • Design, assembly, and technical support (shop or field) of PLC/HMI/VFD/control panels, instrumentation, analyzers, mixing/batching, process, and control systems
  • Alloy and carbon steel structural and pipe welding with CWB and ABSA certification for B31.3 piping and fittings; plastic welding and fabrication (PFA, PVC, HDPE, etc.)
  • Assistance with selection and sizing of pumps, valves and instruments
  • Field and shop repairs of metering pumps and control valves
  • Field service of ovens, industrial heaters, and burners
  • Field installation of tubing and piping
  • Field installation of electrical trays, cables, and other electrical components
  • Fully equipped service trucks
  • 24/7 on call service
  • Trade certified experts can perform mechanical, process, and control equipment installation and repairs
  • In house CWB and ABSA-B pressure approved welding. Experienced in procedures for carbon and stainless steel mig, tig, and stick structural, as well as pressure piping, vessels and fittings
  • Numerous stocked service vehicles
  • Approved vendor and contractor status with site-specific training for the majority of the oil sand sites


Wave Control Systems proudly supplies and services Milton Roy pumps.

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A key activity, which is very important to who Wave is as a company, is the training we provide to customers – in the form of both in-field training services to support Alberta-based oil and gas and chemical applications and specialized, more formalized on-site training for customers. Moreover, our expert team not only provides on-site training in better ways to use and maintain a customer’s existing equipment, but we also do this with products we custom engineer and fabricate for customers. Our goal and value-add is to ensure we transfer the knowledge and skills customers require so they increase their capacity to integrate and operate their equipment, maintain it, identify when repairs or additional service may be needed, and determine when new and/or different products or services are required. This kind of training is a important part of the technical expertise we offer to customers.

We have a dedicated team of people with different kinds of technical expertise so that we can customize our training services to the needs of our customers.  Areas of training instruction include:

  • Training customers in understanding customized engineering requirements that best suit their needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, including R&D engineering projects that can lead to new innovations and advancement
  • Engineer-in-Training expertise for customers who are seeking ways to build internal capacity and specialized knowledge
  • Training in plastics welding and fabrication to meet industry product standards
  • In-field training for maintaining and operating all products related to chemical and process control
  • Chemical process control, instrumentation and analytical systems training aimed at optimizing operations and production
  • Training in manufacturing (on-the-floor) processes and fabrication teams (electrical and instrumentation controls) aimed at improvement and efficiency
  • Lunch ‘n Learns for engineering teams to increase their understanding of chemical metering




Automation Engineering - Procurement - Wave's commitment to quality includes the sourcing and supply of every part and product we purchase. Our clients rely on us for the most complete and expedient documentation packages available.Wave’s commitment to quality includes the sourcing and supply of every part and product we purchase. Our clients rely on us for the most complete and expedient documentation packages available.

    • Drawings are completed with the highest level of detail and allow for BOMs to be exported with precise part numbers for ordering
    • Our extensive CAD library contains standard and custom designs for a vast range of mechanical, process, and electrical/instrumentation projects
    • Years’ of experience specifying, sourcing and expediting a large variety of parts and components for the wide range of products we engineer, fabricate, and integrate

  • Our skilled teams are experienced in handling multi-million dollar projects and are committed to providing the highest quality of work in QA/QC, scheduling, purchasing, accounting and administrative support, and often do so in expedited situations


Research and Development

Research and development of fluid handling, metering, monitoring, mixing, pilot plants and sensor/ analytical productsWave is committed to innovation. Trevor Brown, Wave’s owner, has participated in NSERC advisory committees and other new technology groups and associations. Wave’s R&D team includes experts from mechanical, chemical, electrical, and process engineering disciplines. Wave also supports University of Alberta students in the Engineering Co-op Program. The R&D team is engaged in a variety of ongoing and new projects that have been supported by Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF), the Government of Canada’s CanExport program, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).

Some of Wave Control’s innovations include the patented UCS and UCS-LP (U.S.A. patent No. 7,263,448, Canadian patent No. 2,501,530), the UCS-Poly automated polymer activation system, the Verificator, and many other specialty chemical metering, monitoring, and control systems. 

At Wave, we support industry collaboration and partnership to get new technologies and products off the ground. Small or big, we are open to discussing technological partnerships for various industries. Your innovative idea and our resources in product engineering and development could make for a great team. Contact Wave to discuss options such as cost and/or equity sharing for new technologies.